22 January 2019
CNUE Annual Report 2017

CNUE Annual Report 2017

Closing Conference of CNUE 2015-2017 Training Programme – Rome, 24 February 2017

24 February 2017 285
The closing conference of the Europe for Notaries – Notaries for Europe training programme was held in Rome on 24 February, the culmination of a series of 12 seminars organised by 12 CNUE member notariats during the 2015-2017 period. The aim of this programme was to provide training on the application of the European regulation on international successions and some 1350 notaries benefited from the training. During the conference, the European Commission presented the results of the European judicial training policy, explained in detail in a 2016 report published a few days earlier.
2016 European Commission report: http://ec.europa.eu/newsroom/just/document.cfm?action=display&doc_id=40944

The European Commission praised the CNUE’s efforts, recalling the objective of enabling at least half of the legal practitioners in Europe to follow training in EU law or in the law of another Member State by 2020.